A flying start for young university graduates at NRG

18 months Trainee Program

Projects, Education, Personal Development

Starting each year in February and September

NRG has set up an intensive trainee program aimed at developing young talents. The trainee program has a duration of 18 months and starts every year in February and September. Through this program we attract at least 8 young talented new colleagues each year. We offer technical University Graduates the opportunity to discover what the nuclear sector has to offer and help them find their place in it. This provides NRG with broadly trained, well-developed and motivated employees who, after successful completion of the program, find their way at NRG Consultancy & Services or other units of NRG or PALLAS.

Bertholt Leeftink CEO NRG|Pallas

The NRG|Pallas trainee program gives you a unique opportunity to develop your talents. For NRG|Pallas, attracting and training talented young people is fundamental to secure and further strengthen our leading nuclear position.

The program is well balanced to give the trainee a kick start for a career at NRG & Pallas. It consists of:


During the trainee program the trainees will work on various projects in and outside the company. This gives the trainee a great insight in the nuclear world, what they call a true voyage of discovery. The trainee has endless possibilities and a lot of freedom as it comes to choosing projects. We offer projects on the following topics:

  • Medical Isotopes (Development and production)
  • Computational Science (CFD, neutronics and structural mechanics)
  • Radiation Protection (Risk analysis and teaching)
  • Engineering (Inspections and modifications)
  • Nuclear Research (Material science and new reactor development)
  • Process and Asset Optimisation (Chain management and project management)
  • Business and Communication
  • Nuclear Licensing & Safety
  • Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning
  • And many more

You typically work on several projects at the same time. The project duration may vary from a few weeks to 6 months.


The trainee program also includes training and on-the-job development such as: Project Management (PRINCE2), Westinghouse Pressurised Water Reactor Knowledge and Radiation Protection (TMS).

Personal development

Personal development runs like a thread through the entire trainee program. The trainee is assigned a personal coach who assists him or her throughout the program. In cooperation with this coach the trainee will draw up a personal development plan (PDP). This may include training in the field of communication, advisory skills, consulting skills, impact and presentation skills or a more substantive training. Furthermore, the trainee follows a personal effectiveness program (PEP) with four or five of their fellow trainees . The PEP consist of formal group sessions where the trainees discuss their progress and development. This enables them to learn from each other and build on their peers’ experiences.

Group dynamics and social events

The trainee groups also come together at informal sessions such as weekly coffee dates or quarterly social events. As an example of the latter: last year, the trainees went laser gaming and subsequently enjoyed a BBQ.

The Recruitment process

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